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The Ward of Exiles

A soul-rending, atmospheric dark fantasy adventure about subverting destiny, a painful journey of self-discovery, and finding courage against all odds to keep trying.

Osirys was never never meant for motherhood. Pregnant, abused, and overwhelmed by circumstance, she takes drastic measures and finds herself far from everything - and everyone - she ever knew. She is a Harbinger, brought to a fantastic, magical world split in two by the impassable, world-shaping Virdi River. On one shore, a politically rich society struggles with corruption and cruelty. On the other, the ruins of an ancient empire linger, the evil that destroyed it long ago held at bay by the magic of the wild Virdi. As history seeks to repeat itself, it is a fight against fate for Osirys. Chosen by Pandemonium, Archfiend of Chaos, for her flaws - and preserved by the Mystic demigods, the Muses, for her potential, she embarks on a journey through a dangerous and unforgiving land to save or condemn all of reality. Along the way, she hopes to find the strength and willpower she needs to face and overcome the challenges of the familiar world she came from.

The Ward of Exiles is a high resolution dive into the gritty undercarriage of human nature. Kime reminds us that refusing to choose is still a choice, and it's better to try and fail than to have never tried at all.

The Ward of Exiles
The Ward of Exiles

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